Into the realm of abstract

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Sunayana Malhotra is a self taught artist who draws from her own experiences and feelings to find subjects for her works. The serene beauty of a woman merging with nature is a prominent theme in her works. "My effort is to explore the harmony between man and Mother Nature," She says.

Creating a Lust for life

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Artist Sunayana Malhotra is young and charming. She carries an aura of positivity around her. Her talk is captivating and her style dynamic. No wonder then that she gave her solo show, held at the Tea Lounge of the Taj Palace Hotel, on a theme named the Lust for life.

It has wide roads and lot of greenery

into-the-realm Hindustan Times

Artist Sunayana Malhotra has been living in Punjabi Bagh West for the last 19 years. She loves the colony for its peace and the quiet atmosphere. This has helped the artist in her. Malhotra had spent all her pre-marriage years in the Bengali Market area in Central Delhi.

Impressive body of work

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Recently painter Sunayana Malhotra hosted her solo exhibition 'Her Body Speaks'. She said, on her theme of the exhibition, "I put my soul into my work; it is essentially a creative vehicle for me to express myself. I have expressed my soul through the body. For a woman her body is something she cherishes pre-serves, loathes and hides, yet the body speaks a language."

The nude faces the mirror

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It is unusual in a country dominated by male painters rendering their muses, read woman in the nude, for a woman to take pleasure and pride in the female nude. Sunayana Malhotra is one such woman artist and she makes no bones about using herself as a reference point for her work.

Body of work

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Born to parents who believed creativity is imperative in life, the galleries of Lalit Kala Academy and Triveni Kala Sangam in central Delhi are where Sunayana Malhotra mostly spent her childhood. Ask her how she knew she only wanted to dab in paints, brushes, easels and palettes and nothing else at such a young age,

By Ekatmata Sharma

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If you are Basking in the glory of a Husain Painting on your office wall that you bought at a hard-to-bargain, then there could be a possibility of it being a fake. Emergence of fake art is a serious concern for artists, art galleries, collectors and art aficionados. After having done with the paintings of modern artists , recently a bronze sculpture by Satish Gujral was faked and sold .

Art appreciation


Sunayana Malhotra launched her art studio d"Art at Green park. the highlight of this special evening was the display of paintings by sunayana, which attracted active participation from the guests. The event was a heady mix of glamour, style and elegance. Those present at the do included Jatin Das, Sunayana Malhotra

The relationship between thou and thine

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It is my long conten that abstract painting. or for that mater pure dance or even classical most is lioke nirgun bhakti praiboxcally enough the "form" that enarges when a dancer creates pettrens of pure dance or even when a musician paint as image width swaras, or when abstract formations

Strokes of femininity

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It is a celebration of feminism as 25 woman artists from different walks of life showcased have their work displaying grace, power, emotions and sensulity, at the shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam. The exhibition, that end tomorrow, marks the diamond jubilee year of Central social Walfare Bord.

Reflections of a woman

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Sunayana Malhotra likes to depict the inner most feelings of a woman in her paintings , her solo exhibition at the Lalit kala Academy is called Beneath the skin

Feminine mystique

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Artist Sunayana Malhotra recently exhibited her works at her solo exhibition, Beneath the skin, the emphasis of the work is not only on the physicality of the woman but also of her intrinsic values and attributes.

Painting her own moods

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Sunayana Malhotra loves to speak about her work , the contemporary artist expresses her inner most feelings through her art

The varied signature in art

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The inauguration for her show was marked by the presence of Dr Karan Singh who was the chief guest. Mr Keshav Malik, the eminent art critic, the director of the Russian Cultural Centre, other Russian high dignitaries and eminent guest from the Indian Art world. A Portrait of her father late Sansar Chand Baru, was put up on his 100th birthday.

Beautiful paintings blend with bevy of beauties

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The Artoholix gallery launched a swimsuit calendar for the forthcoming Financial year 2008-9 on Saturday at the Lodi, the Garden Restaurant. The calendar captured a series of shots by photographer Rony Kaula. Along with the calendar launch, the evening also witnessed a group show of a three young artists

A date with art

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Abstract paintings beach babes wouldn't have a direct connection but then, Delhi is all about blend, fusion and mix 'n' match. City's party enthusiast was in for an arty-cum glam evening as fashion photographer Rony Kaula launched his swimsuit calendar for 2008-9.

What an arty show!

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Glammed Art: Art and glamour came together at this do. A group show of paintings, by artists Sunayna Malhotra, Parul Modi, and Josuah Shekhar. Saw quit a few people from the fashion frat and art world making their presence felt. At the entrance lensman Rony Kaula was seen welcoming the guests.

Male view point

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When Sanjib Sen held this first photo exhibition on female nudes recently in the capital, he was surprised there were more woman buyers than men. It was his wife who urged him to hold an exhibition of his works. "I don't look at a woman as mere body."

Beneath The Skin

Film is a medium that has always fascinated me. This is my first attempt to express myself in front of the camera. The film is a reflection of an artists feelings 0f her connection with creativity . She momentarily gets distracted from her art and feels the need to connect with the outside world and the different roles she plays . However , she abruptly reconnects as the break makes her restless again , she disengages herself and immerses herself. Art is her life and her very existence , it is what she feels beneath the skin...